I don’t have a powered usb hub. The magnet should have been glued so that the red line faces down, away from the sensor, and the writing on the sensor faces the magnet. My PC does not recognize the eLogger. I want the laptop for using it at the field. What i can say to my 1st experience with you,Thumb up!! Unit with Integrated Connectors: Typically logs all available sensors for about four hours, at 10Hz.

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Once again, a huge warm hug and big thanks to all for being helpful. After the OSD has been initialized you can flash it to the latest version.

eLogger V3 USB Cable diagram? – RC Groups

Connect the GPS f3 other sensor to the elogger If your particular issue is not addressed by this update, or by the suggestions below, please visit our web support page for additional support options, at. English, German, Chinese Measurements: Typical events are power-up restartand servo glitches.

Here are a few of the enhancements with our new eLogger Ellgger Sixteen times the logging capacity of the standard eLogger V3. Note that codes other than those below should be reported to Eagle Tree Systems: All price stated are in Singapore dollars.


I am running windows xp. No need to ship hardware back and forth Full support for English and Metric units This package includes: System supports both Metric and English units.

eLogger V4

I received my parcel today, in perfect order. No need epogger ship hardware back and forth. Try the eLogger with a different USB cable, if you have one.

Voltage logging increased to 80 volts maximum. Only saying in case someone else have this problem. Dec 11, If your particular issue is not addressed by this update, or by the suggestions below, please visit our web support page for additional support options, at http: Elogher is a pleasure buying over the internet from Singapore Hobby Supplies. Thanks very much for your speedy service.

Troubleshooting | Eagle Tree eLogger V3 User Manual | Page 9 / 11

May 16, What my friends saying is true, “Singapore Hobby Supplies is the best and the most reliable Shop in Asia”. It may be a conflict there. It’s not needed, but additionally if the lipo is plugged into the eLogger more than a minute or so before the USB is connected, the USB may have problems.


This seems to fix the problem. A battery back-up harness will work just as well as hooking up the lipo.

Troubleshooting – Eagle Tree eLogger V3 User Manual

Having the same problem with mine running windows 7. Success it works on my desktop.

This is a desktop PC. Make sure that the RPM sensor is plugged into the correct slot on the eLogger. Jun 17, The USB tries to turn back on in this condition, but on some PCs it does not always turn on quickly enough apparently.

Finally, while the ESC manufacturers and others may lose interest in their logging capabilities if they don’t sell well, you can rest assured that Eagle Tree will continue to enhance and expand our eLogger with additional features and sensors.